Why Failure Isn’t The Opposite of Success

Everyone thinks that the opposite of success is failure.

Whilst that may be true in a dictionary, it isn’t true in business.

On the scale of failure to success there are billions of little stages.

When we dither about delegating it’s because we fear that the other person will fuck it up. We are scared they won’t succeed and that they’ll fail. But the reality is that the chance of them fucking it up to the point of complete failure are almost zero. Chances are the worst they’ll do is fuck it up a bit.

Success and failure aren’t binary. Between 0 and 1 there are lots of decimals.






2 responses to “Why Failure Isn’t The Opposite of Success”

  1. David Hieatt Avatar

    Just read Go for no. Exactly about this.

  2. Adrian wells Avatar
    Adrian wells

    Our sense of failure is relative to the risk we are taking not the likelihood of it occurring.

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